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do you enjoy what it is youre doing?
Yep. Putting other people's needs in front of my own and sabotaging my own well-being is my favourite pastime.

This is so obviously sarcasm.
don't hate yourself for who you are or how you act

maybe this sounds like a broken record

um but potato i ask that if you can to not be so hard on yourself
Alright, I'm coming at this one with very little context, so I accidentally ended up sounding slightly corporate in the last paragraph.

It's good to learn how to establish healthy boundaries. It sounds like you've determined what feels like too much, which is helpful. Now you can try to scale back as possible to see what feels like a more healthy amount of energy for you to contribute to goals outside your own.

Remember that you can also redirect enquiries to another suitable candidate. You're still contributing to a successful outcome by referring another party's resources, even if you provide no further assistance.
My coworker ordered us lunch. They gave me the wrong thing, which I can't eat. She is now in court and can't give me the order confirmation number so I can call them to ask for a refund/replacement. It's 4 PM. I'd really like to eat lunch. Sigh.
I am content. My boyfriend is currently working graveyard but didn't go to sleep today until 4 pm. So he's crashed out on the couch. I can only play Xbox for so long! I'm bored, but I know he needs rest. So I shall have a glass of wine, and watch some forensic files.
what do you play

do you have minecraft

or fortnite

if so can you add me
what do you play

do you have minecraft

or fortnite

if so can you add me

Haha, I do play Minecraft and Apex. And a few other games, but it's my boyfriend's Xbox at his place so I don't get to play all the time. If I had my own Xbox I would totally add you though!
I'm doing my best not to put too much on my plate at once so I'm not overwhelmed.
My last day working at summer camp was yesterday (Friday). I had already cried for about an hour Thursday evening, prompted by an event that reminded me how superficial my relationships with the rest of the staff really are, so I don't know if I'll have too many more tears, but I'm sure they'll return over the next couple days.
Even the people I was able to start to open up around and let myself get closer to will probably never really be my friends. It's an upsetting contrast to the way that I used to be a part of group chats with camp friends, when we'd meet up and hang out with during the fall and winter, and excitedly make plans for camp during the spring.
It's been like this since 2016, but this was the first summer since then when I actually quite liked the rest of the staff, and saw them as people who I'd want to have in my life. I'm probably overthinking things, and incorrectly interpreting just how close the rest of the staff are... like, I doubt I'm missing out on some kind of secret club that everyone else is a part of, but on the other hand, it's the not knowing that really bothers me sometimes.

It was just a very lonely summer for me, and that's how I'm feeling now.
Literally crying happy rn because I got an interview to be a volunteer for queer youths. So forking stoked.
Thanks, I heard it was hard to get accepted so I probably over-did the application and it paid off. I just wanna be a gay den mother lol
That sounds awesome! Good job and good luck.
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