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Upload a funny, amusing, and/or interesting picture. Mods you might wanna move this to the sand box, I posted in Gen Discussion seeing as We can't start threads in the Sandbox >:(
Kitty page to start?

critical mass.jpg
We're also safe from dementors.
One of my favorites (read starting from the top-right, then go down. Then top left, and down):

Kaorin is one of my all-time favorite characters.
This thread will soon be my favourite if it keeps like this...
Those links never work.
broken link.jpg
I feel like this is just a mini tumblr.
Is that all tumblr is? Just a collection of pictures?
Now I'm more apathetic towards it.
Picture sharing and blog, but yeah.
I like it because I find funny pictures and gifs on the internet and I put them on there instead of filling my computer or spamming my facebook friends.
Shall I try again? (same picture)

Success.'Twas the fault of the iPod last time.
My tumblr is about a third pictures, a third poems, and a third bloggy this-is-what-is-semi-interesting-in-my-life-now... I also have a personal rule against "reblogging." I do not understand the purpose of a blog if none of it is original to you.
douchebag poster.jpg
bwahahaahahahahhahaahah xD
Jake Line Picture small.JPG

That is an assignment we had to do in Photoshop for my Foundation Arts class.
At first glance, I *may* have thought the above image was of the Biebs.

Edit: Different picture, with more absurd.
I love this thread already
LAWL must go here
I'd post the entire meme but some of these are harsh

divided by 0.jpg
This made me laugh for several minutes.

Cereal Guy has a point
Not a picture, but this happened two days ago on the leading news channel in Australia. It's flying around Facebook like a UFO.
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