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Wink or Blink?
It depends on the intention behind it. blinking is an automatic thing that our body does to keep our eyes wet. Winking is when people close one eye typically to convey a message, but it is not used to keep your eye wet. so in short it it depends on the intention.

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A wink requires that there be an open eye or eyes to counterbalance the closed eye in order to communicate the intent to wink, given that winking is generally a form of communication. Therefore, he blinks.
But couldn't you equally argue that there has to be intention behind the wink? After all, a single eye twitching shut isn't a wink - it's a twitch. Ergo, if he has some form of indicating that closing his eye is signaling something, it's a wink.

That's getting off track though. In short, he normally blinks, but he can wink.

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