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soul mine
Alts have no soul
well still iwanted to be safe
mfs said:
soul mine



Claiming Nezabudkavom
2nd edit: Claiming Amrenthebat
claiming Shloomth
They were innocent!
Claiming Igliot.
What’s the inspiration behind all these names?
whats the inspiration behind YOUR name, licky?
Apparently it comes from the word "lucky"
claiming removebgonlinea1
Claiming jay1385321
well shucks. ive been claimed
Only your soul!
I distinctly remember from the past that it was agreed upon my soul was unavailable. I already used it for a phylactery that sustains my immortality. If you find it, which I doubt you will, then it’s yours and then I guess I become a servant of some kind. But until then I am safe >:)
Claiming MajorTurbulance.
He claimed his own soul.
Pretty sure they added that to their bio after I had claimed it.

May be wrong though.

Edit: Yea, it’s mine. Their introduction post is several hours older than my claim. Their soul is mine.

Edit 2: I gave it back.
Good boy. *pats back*
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