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yo wtf
Souls. You'll understand soon, I'm sure.
I literally just came back to claiming souls lmao

the last stash i had i had relinquished to wyyca
Right now, I'm trying not to get too serious about it but still be involved.
My question is where the hell you're all finding these.
People just propaply see mew users omlime amd take their soul as soom as they cam.

Also, cam I take Fatmiloe13?
claiming AntarticSpaceman
Also, claiming adammacdon
  • edit- and claiming 21Phoenix42
Claiming sus
Claiming genieinabottle1
Claiming TokJib
333axt2c33 is mine now

Out of curiosity I went to one of titan's alts pages where he list the accounts he owns, this is one of them, a person has only one soul, you dont technically own that soul, unless who has Titans soul gives it to you
Had no idea. Sorry.
If the person who claimed my soul hasn't been active for several years can I have my soul back
Claiming rk0706
  • edit: Not to be that guy, but I checked their profile to see if they claimed themselves there, and it didn't say what it now says. The least they could do is haggle with me.

  • edit 2(so as to not double post): claiming MollySit
Nobody's taken WrookaywgDrits yet, so I might as well.

Neither has anyone taken poptartcat165 either, I don't think. Crossed out, although they didn't mention taking their own soul before I had it.

Huh, courier6 too.
I claim my own soul, no one gets it, if i see it listed on someones' profile i will hunt you down.
Lol why has this guy blocked me?
claiming root(-1)=3.1415
  • edit: also claiming Trippy Tristen_360
  • edit2: claiming xiqomi
claiming xokii
Claiming ChinaKat

That's a nice name, I've got to say.
Claiming Yes/maybe
claiming GodButInAGayWay
claiming TESA1YEAR
I'm claiming rights to my own soul before someone else does.
GuacoTac0, give me you.
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