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im taking no_one1415 soul now.
I'll take Hatt if they're OK with that. But, if not, they can have it.
Oh, no, not another TESA.

(Edited cause dumb.)
WEEB#1 said:
claiming TESA1YEAR
I'm claiming rights to my own soul before someone else does.

I think you count as one of the older users whose souls are not available for claiming, but like that works too.
Is there an exempt list? I'm curious to see it. Or is it "all users older than x registration date"?
I'm pretty sure that only a vague line separates old from new.
Claiming vta
Not able to be claimed
Claiming Senaxohof.
Just back for a second, but I have dibs on MuckaBluckisnotaDuck's soul. We finally got him in!
what an honor <3
It's also an honor for me to have your soul in my possession. <333

Your soul is in good hands.
Claiming WE (i think)

Nevermind, I got the year wrong on their profile, so they might already be claimed.
Claiming WE
Hamtart87 said:
Lets see here...
Ok Shibe...

Soul Claimed by TerraBranford

You hath not claimed my soul.. for another already has done so... long before thou
You know, it probably would have been smart to tell Poiki that my soul was claimed by someone else as an excuse because I live in fear every day knowing my own soul is in their hands, for them to gawk at with their weird vortex face.
what the hell
I got to gain my freedom from Kylljoy, pyramid-scheme style.
I don't mind fighting Poiki to the death if it means getting my soul back. Mortal combat, baby.
Claiming, and then unclaiming Finx.
Re-claiming and donating Finx's soul to Muck.
*Unclaiming someone means that they get their own soul back. Sorry.
Well, yeah, can. Can means it's up for grabs.

Ah, post edited. Nevermind.
Okay, now, I will claim mysticalninja and donate it to Muck as a gift of romance.
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