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hello. i am giving Destinova their soul back. they might need it for a project
I wish I could get Poiki to do that for me. I will forever whine about my soul being in their hands.
How about she either needs to release your soul or update the member list on the first page of the TPoL forum
That's a very hard decision, actually.
Has Bronco ever released a soul?
Huh. That's... a good question.
I gave stripes back 25% of his soul
Good enough!
Claiming Hi-Idk.

YES! Finally, another soul I spot on the forums.
Ah, man. Just missed it.
I also follow all the souls I claim, for some reason.
Claiming grurinu
Claiming BrianlinkKL
i want Anthonybuill
May I have the soul of Valenvv?
Claiming and releasing "Idksomename", a friend.

Forgot, and surprised nobody took them since then.
Thank you very much, I'll take that then.

Edit: Nevermind.
Kylljoy said:
And that's not how anti-claiming works. It means you claim ownership and automatically give ownership back to the user, meaning you claim their own soul for them. So nobody can lay claim to someone who's been anti-claimed before that point. Sort of like what happened to Donutmanman, but I held their soul for a while before giving it back.

Basically, when you unclaim someone, their soul goes back to them. So you cannot have it.
Claiming bj_8
W_Licky said:

That's the sound I made at this immense expression of gratitude and selflessness.
Nylaa, I will take your soul if I have permission first.
I'll capture and release AkexeyKnole. Be free, little soul.
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