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claiming radio
unclaimed it
I would like to claim radio
I would like to claim radio

I would like to claim radio

You cant, it was released
Claiming Ray_69.
Claiming Davidwogma.
Claiming lexiexi and zanzaKlaus
i claim Elliott.420
i give Alina.Quinn 5% of Elliot.420s soul in exchange for 5% of Basilmints soul
Apparently my claims are only recogised if posted in this forum

I currently have 45% of Basilmint's soul and 5% of Elliot.420's soul
im taking Corporal Croissandwich if their soul isnt alredy claimed, if someone else could check that would be nice
You can't, his soul can't be claimed
why not?
1. He is immune
2. It's like his twelveth account
Claiming Ikea, unless they say if their an alt and can proof it
Yeah this is an alt
how do you want me to proof
Post with your main.
I claim findyouroasis if it isn't an alt

EDIT: I have no clue if its a new user or an alt so could some of the more experienced users on this site tell me

EDIT 2: I'm just gonna take it because it was registered today with no posts, questions, or answers
This is my main
claiming Aaaaajourf
Claiming -fruitbythefoot- and WizardDacket_13
I wonder what happened to the souls of blake and the mods
They can't be claimed.
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