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oops, missed that.
You just gotta be quick!

Dibs on
  • oceancut
  • 715nidalp
  • thatoneplague
Dibs on myself :)
Well done.

Dibs on
  • the amazing rabbit
  • Playboy Bunny
  • wonkyspirit
  • AvaKat
  • nfehrnigel
  • ukrstoremag
ukrstoremag is free, if anyone wants them.
No, I claimed them in the post above.

* rolls eyes *
[face slap]
Taking the soul of riminda
Beat me to that one.

Dibs on
  • infinitejest d'oh
salmongoflopflop is mine
DIAV said:
Beat me to that one.

Dibs on
  • infinitejest

but i claimed myself :(
is that illegal?
It's legal, but not sure if it's valid if you didn't say it on here
he did say he claimed himself on here
ahh missed that. In that case, I think your soul is your own.
Sorry infinitejest. I had a vague feeling you looked familiar but it didn't come up when I searched, probably because you didn't mention your own name. Your self-claim is good.

Dibs on
  • HuskyLand
This is my attempt to claim JAHGoVeg
Sorry if someone already did

Dibs on
  • Jahgoveg (different caps, different account)
  • GeVogHaj
  • amissa anima
  • PRBlitz12
I don't think purplelover has been claimed yet. their soul is mine.
So is the soul of Chet Manly

And was Millpond claimed yet? If not, I claim them

Also, TurtleTurtleTim
For those it's harder to check. I would suggest looking through their intro threads at least.
If they aren’t already claimed, I claim:
Stevie Wonder Cant See Me
Also: To DIAV:
yoloyall humbly wishes for my soul back
dibs on souls of

Sanic Chillidog
I claim my younger brother, Jackmaster.
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