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WEEB#1 said:
I claim Jenny10

I'm pretty sure there're bots getting to the site. The last 2 ive claimed (including this one) have had really similar, if not, exactly the same first posts. I've seen about 3 of then recently. It goes along the lines of

"Hi I'm new. Is anyone going to talk to me?"

dud i just claimed jenny

Oh sorry! I'm a idiot.
aprzn123 said:
WEEB#1 said:
The last 2 ive claimed (including this one) have had really similar, if not, exactly the same first posts.

Also they're both <firstname><number> usernames

Yeah, I noticed that too.
I dunno. Their english is very... may I say... c h u n k y

Not their first language, that's for sure.

Also, I claim lizzyalbert21.
Nah jenny is a real person. We have a whatsapp chat going
Ah, cool.
has anyone claimed Dramayama21 yet?
I can't believe no one's tried this before.

I claim Blake.

please don't ban me

(Apperently all attemps on claiming his soul fail)


Damn, I was about to try to claim Blake so I searched and you got to it first.
I just noticed a 10 year old account (antimony pentafluoride and was like "I wonder if they've been claimed?". I searched, and they hadn't. I now am in possession of a 10 year old account.
It seems you, dementedkermit, haven't been claimed yet and haven't claimed yourself. I now own you.
No I have been claimed by ebag.

I need to update my bio
lmao everyone keeps trying to claim demented

you really need to update your bio
Can I claim Mr.Garfield
Dibs on antimony pentaflouride

This is from June 21 of probably 2019 but then the post after said that they were probably already claimed but if they werent its mine

Edit: :o idk when people were talking about antimony pentaflouride not being claimed it was probably months ago but

Another edit: how do I get my soul back? DIAV currently has it but I gave no consent
Idk if anyone has made any claims to my soul but in case anyone hasn’t, I wanna get ahead of this. My soul was claimed on my first day (June 2013) by the illustrious Seven, a fine soul holder and generally pleasant individual. Cool7girl7, for a more official name. Hope she’s well, wherever she is.
She seems to not have been online for 6 months. You can always message her on her given Skype account, but 7 years afterwards, she probs won't use it.
I claim Rikka_Preo.
Dibs on Kurmisthefrog
haven't they been claimed already?
Thats what I was thinking
I dont remember seeing their name but maybe they have been claimed
dibs on roze
they made the account while we were on a discord call together...
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