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Oh ok.i just sawhem post their first question 25 seconds ago and I was confused.
i claim apple1234
I claim apeiceofcheese
I also claim DatBoi9726.
I claim this dude
Claiming banadsflkaj
i claim the collective hive mind that we are.
Dibs on
Actually, WEEB#1 claimed you already, right?

Unless you are WEEB#1...
Not on this thread
This is true.
I claim the chair.
I claim TPOLofficial
Dibs on instert_name_here if that's still a thing
I claim N1ghtmare
I claim Stevie Ray Vaughan.

SRV is a fucking amazing guitarist, change my mind.
I can't.
Whose that
He's an amazing guitarist. He sadly died in 1991 in a helicopter accident after an Eric Clapton concert when he took Eric Claptons helicopter. Give Life By The Drop, Voodoo Child (Stevie Ray Vaughans cover), and couldn't stand the weather. If you wanna see just how good he is, here's an insane video:
Kinda strange how it all happened. A guitarist gets into another guitarist's helicopter, and it crashes.
I claim DandruffDan hehe
I claim skatergirl20084
i want to drown myself in souls

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