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I won't be active for who knows how long. I might return for small periods, but I probably won't be active for some time.

Goodbye for now.
Ttfn, progamer boi
Good bye pro gamer.
Goodbye ~ The legacy you left in the form of the horror that is the "spammy spammy" thread will surely never be forgotten.

"Is it better to be feared or loved? Neither. The best way to leave a legacy is to make your successors clean it up" - K. E. Nau
I will always remember you as "ProgrammerX1", because I'm lazy when I read
oi its not like im leaving forever
why are you not going to be on?
school -_-
welcome back!
this is a break from the hiatus
of of of of
do i get dots
You have yellow
Now you have orange, yellow, green and purple
I have green. Hee hee

of of 3 2 1
Thread's been moved as it's changed tack to random discussion
my hiatus will resume shortly ._.
I hope you come back soon!
bro when you gonna be finished with your hiatus? i took one but now im back :P
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