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A discussion about Atticus.

Ask questions about him,
it’ll help me develop his story
How did you find Atticus?
I heard crying upstairs so I climbed up to my attic to see where the noise was coming from and saw him crying in a puddle of his own tears.

He can hear all of the mean things people say about him and it makes him very sad

please dont be mean to atticus

he cries a lot already since he misses his old friends
I would never be mean to Atticus. He seems like a pretty okay demon.
how many hugs has atticus been prescribed by the doctor?
at least 20 a day
understandable. how did atticus.....become?
he said he dosent know

he just

edit: yo 500th post
interesting.....i'll have to ask around the demon community about this.
nice! there's a thread for milestones, but i'd recommend holding off until 100. i'm almost to 2000.
i asked him if he had talked to other demons about this but he started crying
it's unfortunate, considering his friends. i have connections. i'll keep looking.
i dont think he'd take that information well
alright, i'll let it be.
Does Atticus have something that he likes to do?
he reads a lot

"modern human literature is very interesting"
I literally thought this was about the tkam character
He's taking about Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird
Oh that makes sense, I never read to kill a mockingbird
It's a pretty good book. I liked reading it, even though we were forced to.
*places a box of books on the table* can Atticus read?
yes, hes been reading my books but hes almost read all of them
well, i brought a few classics, and plenty of my favorites.
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