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hes been awake for awhile now, just a little disorientated

as anyone would be if theyve been asleep for 4 months
4? That's interesting. Does Atticus run on a tri-season schedule?
pretty much, his weak old bones dont like the cold
should he drink milk to get stronger bones?
You know what would really help? Anti-bone-hurting juice.
Hey atticus
Nice drawing
Hey poiki, what's atticus's favorite color?
Is Atticus done hibernating?
i forgot the password to this account, but i got logged off my main one and it logged me into this
he likes to sleep
Yeah, almost two months
Has atticus ever been a human?
Does Atticus feel lonely without us?
e-bag said:
Has atticus ever been a human?
we have no idea. he doesnt remember much from his past
What does Atticus remember from his past?
I love you poiki
e-bag said:
What does Atticus remember from his past?
being bullied by the mean scary demons
can i punch the demon bullies?
you sure can try
How many were there?
7 in total
I've got some demons to track down and have a word with.

And that word is revenge
i shall join you on your honorable quest, bronco
strength in numbers
We will dispose of whoever harmed Atticus as a young demon. I am with you.

Atticus said they don't celebrate any winter holidays in hell so I thought I'd make a hat for his first Christmas :) (he was hibernating during his actual first one, unfortunately)
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