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What's his mental age?

Like, how difficult of a book can he read?
he also really likes comics
he's like, 25-ish in demon years

atticus also sometimes likes to read textbooks
Ok. Well, I have the "Arc of a Scythe" series with me, along with some other books I found.

Can he speak english, or does he... like... talk to you through telepathy or soemthing?
he has a mouth
he can speak

he also has an australian accent but i never noticed it
does atticus play any instruments?
On the same note (haha)
What type of music does he like to play/listen to, if he does enjoy such things ?
he said he could play violin and erhu so i gave him my viola to try it out but he accidently broke it.

he likes listening to traditional chinese and orchestral music from the romantic era.
Here's a drawing of Ella, one of Atticus's friend. She's a vampire.

She's been Atticus's friend for an extremely long time .

thanks cathy_talking for the very first atticus fanart(?)

I can't see the pictures...

they just show an error type symbol
oh. thats sad. ill send you a link to both of them then
Yeah looks like it's a private google drive file or something like that
oh well
What does Atticus do in a normal day? Does he mostly chill in the attic, or does he move around a bit?
chills in the attic, reads books

he sometimes comes down to talk
What does he eat?

I mean, we know cats it one.
no no he ate the cat because it was being annoying

i dont know what he eats and i dont want to know
can i give atticus some cake?
of course!
*beep beep* i brought my pickup truck, full of books.
im starting to rethink my decision

we'll need more shelves
i can go get an ikea bookshelf.
Have fun building it...
i've done it before and i'll do it again.
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