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Yes, terrifying.
oooo very scary!
cheese man why are you here you're not a member
because i've come here to peep on what you're doing
leave or die
finally a reasonable trade
can I join cult?
Yeah, sure. Message dementedkermit to get in.
Hi. Can I join?
Sure! You can DM either me or dementedkermit to gain access. The Discord link is lingering in this thread, too.
A new member, yay!
I tried to join
I'll DM you the Discord link, if you'd like.
did you message me while i was in class and i forgot to send you the link?

if so im sorry :(
Yea you said you would send me the link after class, lol

It’s all good though.
lol my bad
I haven't been able to access the discord in quite some time; my personal computer died and I haven't been able to find the charger.
I feel strange that I’m the first member on the list that isn’t linked to the account.

And then everyone else after me also isn’t linked to their accounts.
Hey demented, you haven’t answered my plea to be in TPOL.
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