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sorry i sent u it
W_Licky said:
I feel strange that I’m the first member on the list that isn’t linked to the account.

And then everyone else after me also isn’t linked to their accounts.
I’m too lazy to link them, I’ll do it later

Later means either in 7 hours or two months
Looks like two months is your answer.

Seriously, you can't be that lazy.
yes you actually can be that lazy
Are you lazy?
Haha, I am.


W_Licky said:
Seriously, you can't be that lazy.
you underestimate my laziness

tbh I just have really bad memory
I already forgot i said this
Very lazy...

Jaxxie shall NEVER be sad!

REVEAL yourself, offender!
I did nothing.
I accuse W_Licky/pluto sad
Nuh uh.
I'm putting the blame on W_Licky.
It should say at the bottom of the pfp who made them sad
It says, "dementedkermit"

yeah totally send a screenie
That's restricted for me.
oh yeah totally.
That face in your avatar is really complimenting your tone right now. I'm amazed.

Nah. I prefer the censored one.
The irony.
I hope Jaxxie knows about this. Otherwise, we’re worshipping nothing.
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