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I guess I am a simp now

Demented Simp 2021!

This is the campaign HQ!

I hope i can have your vote on may 4!
Hi, I'd like to cast my vote in favor of DementedSimp, please.
Do you have any qualifications for the job

Oh wait it’s president nvm
Thanks for the vote ebag
so far you have 3 votes
Who is running against me?
I can do stuff sometimes

I will make a thread for Hydro 2024
what stuff exactly?
Are you a simp?

If not than you have no chance
I can occasionally use my 3 brain cells

Edit: yes I am simp
he only says hes a simp so he can be the president
I doubt that you are a simp
Anyways I need a campaign manager and RECON expert.
i wanna be the campaign manager
Recon, here.
you should put the amounts of votes you get in the firstn post
I can be your advertising head

wink wink
quit spying on us
Thread sandboxed.
Thanks Jaxxie
I wonder sometimes why we can't just create a thread in the Sandbox so the mods don't have to move it.
Thanks Jaxxie
Good luck with your campaign. Personally, I will have to wait until 2028 to run for president. You have to be at least 35 years to run for president of Iceland.
oh no demented you have to wait like 21-22 years
Who said he was running for president of the US or Iceland?
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