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term limit is until someone challenges your throne
I wonder if we can get blake to add the unofficial president of twocans as a title like how mods have "MOD" under their name.

I doubt we can but its worth a try
message him

or you could ask for a subtitle that said unofficial president of TCAS
If we get this to be big enough of a thing and have elections every 3 month i think we can do it
We've been trying to get government positions for years. Good luck.
we'll try
we will be determined

i think we should hype this up before we ask, so we have a better chance without asking multiple times
Godspeed to you. The present dictatorship/oligarchy/anarchy amalgam that rules this site does not lend itself well to organized government.
pshhhhh organized government?

nah. Its not like I (or whoever wins) will be legislating anything.

its all for the title
demented i know i started this whole thing but dont blame me when you get banned because you almost annoy blake to death
i wont annoy him.
I will ask politely once.

if its a no, its a no
I think that the presidency should be more of a status thing that's know rather than a tag and official title
I guess
Hydro what is wrong with you pfp
oh my god
You have to be out of your mind to want a president who looks like that
can you rephrase that and use grammer please. I am having a stroke
I would like to cast my vote for dementedkermit
as you should
Hydro should just not even compete for the two cans president
shhhhhhh dont make him sad

lets give him a chance
Throw a term limit on dementedkermit and I will perhaps run one day
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