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Alright, the fourth party for this campaign

I will lob a pony

if you don't even look qualified
I thought you lobbed rhino's
then i will lob a pony
i thought you were a donkeyboy
this is getting out of hand
good point

guys we should try to avoid lobbing large animals at echother until the election
that's what I've been saying throughout my entire campaign
so as soon as the election is over, we can't lob large animals?
ideally lobbing of large animals would be banned already
OK, I lob squirrels then
throwing squirrels???
why are we even talking about lobbing live creatures???
why are we even talking about lobbing live creatures???

Precisely. Small animals should not be lobbed either.
dont lob anything
i don't know what this is about but bronco's won my heart with his humor. he's got my vote locked in.
right but aprzn dementedsimp is very humorous
Publicity helps
so anyway, when was the election again?
April 1st
No, it's may 1
don't hurl any animals, kids!
which one is it, April or may?
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