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Well then, here's another joke I read from a book.
Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
How many astronauts can you fit in a Honda Civic?

Two in the front seat, three in the back, and seven in the ash tray.

I just repeated that to someone at school and got booed out of the building. Maybe it was bit tone-deaf to deliver it in Grissom Hall...
Hahaha. Sorry about that.
I was confused until ten seconds later, I remembered the Challenge explosion. Dark humour.
Another inappropriate joke that I found in a book!

What's a Jewish mother's dilemma?

Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
Having a gay son dating a doctor.

(I don't mean to be rude with this joke. Just something I found in a book.)
What book is telling um
If my memory checks out, then the name of the book is something close to "The Very Worst of Truly Tasteless Jokes".
That makes sense
It's actually a series of books, now that I look at the information page. Oh boy, oh golly, oh yay.
Do you think that people can change?
Most of them, yeah.

I'll be drinking my tea now. Goodbye.
Hey guys, guess what?

I have amother offemsive joke for you!

What do you call a germam that cam't see?

A mot-see.

That joke would pe fummier if I could type correctly.
reminds me of a bit from a podcast used to listen to

blind people were called "not-see's"
That joke would pe fummier if I could type correctly.

No no it's better this way.
"We are here to inspect your applesauce"
My little timy momkey praim does mot get the referemce. What does it meam?
Oh, how hilarious, yet how emperrassimg.

Edit: Mimja'd.
This is a test. Ignore this message.

Spunch bop.
don't go to this link:
Website's blocked, but it's probably a rickroll anyway.
Yeah, probably.
Do you guys want to slap babies with me sometime?
That sounds like the most fun way to spend a tuesday afternoon.
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