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Pelon and BroncoBoy18

You two need to fix yourselves
Did you call me stupid and threatened me 😂😂😂
Yeah fuck off you stupid duck!

im ded💀
Take this to messages.
pluto please don't
Stop kadaevr your being mean to Pluto! No cyber bullying plz
nvm i'm getting some serious broncoboy19 isn't broncoboy18's alt account vibes atm.

so yeah, ur gay
Don’t talk to kadaevr like that!
1. Haven’t been on the forums too much these past few days but I haven’t seen bronco do anything to you that I would consider “mean.” (Or Pelon for the matter)
2. I have 3 sandboxed threads, it’s bound to happen sometime (though you should be glad you didn’t get jaxxie’s terrifying red text)
3. You’re the one being mean
It was a feud with soul claiming and multiple BroncoBoy copycats. It got crazy and a lot of people got angry. It’s being worked out in a group chat.
I am terrifying. :>
Jaxxie you’re like the mother of TCAS

I don’t go and scold people about soul claiming unless you’re claiming one of my souls.
Everything was fixed in group chat and now we all freinds!

I suggest locking this so nobody keeps building on a problem that’s been solved.
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