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Apr might need to reduce that
No you ain’t coming in outsider
what is that supposed to mean
Apr might need to reduce that

What might I need to reduce?
Hydro's border patrol enforcement
yeah that seems a bit excessive, hydro
You’ll never cage me

I’ll keep all of the out of town swines out of here
no, those from elsewhere are not "swine"
i probably should not mention im here right now.
We could hold a quick vote from the legislature to reduce the power of the head of Border Patrol.
Border Patrol is enforcement, I.E. executive, and therefore the president's sole power. Unless this constitution is not US-based
It's not USA based.

It's TwoCans. We roam free.
we never made one
And we don't need one. Just freestyling it.
So I getting free

Darn toot’in
Wanna be deported?
Soooo can I be head of the fbi?
I'm taking that as a yes
Guess I'm going to live in the other countries
You should live in The Country of Awesomeness.
Guess I'm going to live in the other countries

You're hired.
Wait...Wheres the Pain Of Life country?
it isnt a country. Its a cult club
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