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Stripes the Squirtle has ended up in jail. We are trying to get a confession out of him but to no avail. What are your theories on the crimes he commited?
ive confessed 2. theres one more. you'll never know.
Oh, but we will. We must find out.

For those of you who don't follow Stripes or just missed it, he admitted in a Fairy Tale that he has murdered 4 people and, worst of all, Jay-Walked

My grass types will make him talk
I"ll chain him up so you can get a good few Vine Whips in.
why is this one tposing
T-posing shows dominance and can help intimidate Stripes
Just the sprite I used for reference
i cant (and wont) say what it is (please)
Oh but you can, and you will.
you dont understand. i cant and i wont
I may not understand, but I don't think that YOU understand how determined I am to get this confession out of you
why do you guys all wanna know so bad?
You literally say stripes is evil in your bio. Don't you want to know?
uh i mean not really i kinda wanna know why you guys wanna know, yknow??
You are a prisoner of stripes. stripes got your soul. So you can help us find his crime since he cant harm you now
Stripes has confessed to mass manslaughter and jaywalking

Licky what happened to you
And also "soon"

The most horrendous crime.
I came back dead and bloody.
from being sacrificed to jaxxie, I thought we got all the blood out
This blood isn't mine. It's someone else's.
i suggest you stop tryna find out yknow, he ain't gonna confess.
alt account confimred?
can confirm theyre not an alt
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