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Wow this thread died
I mean now that we've submitted our pfps it doesn't really have a reason to be alive
you can do it again!!
I'm still waiting until you are forced to use mine.
Quick question, how do I make an image show up in a post?
<im age> </ima ge> (no spaces)
then just copy image address in da middle

and I just put the gallery number in between?
copy the image* addy
image* aahh sorry for double post it was on accident
ok thanks
ok thanks

first try, lets see if I do this right

I didn't do it right lmao
lol, okay let me do it step by step
1. go to ur account on the top left.
2. click view gallery under your avatar
3. find your picture, click on it
4. double or right click your picture, and click copy image address
5. come back here, make a forum post, scroll down till you see <imag e>
6. copy the format, it should look like <im age></ima ge>
7. remove the link inside and replace it with the link you have (ctrl v) 8. post
and you should have..
OOOOOHHHHH I have to copy the image address duh me stoopeed
Hydro, could you do this one?

haha I have done it. I am genius B)
we learn a little more every day frog boy. congratulations
thank you :)
You guys can keep one avatar game thread
*five days after he posted it*
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