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And I have my soul
Lets keep this thread more short and organized, if u wanna discuss claiming and owning each other souls, go to da thread where thats supposed to happen
Souls I own:

I wonder if anyone else is always updating their list like me.
I just have mine in my bio.
I'll probably try updating this whenever I can.

Soul List: FuegoKiwis, My Own Soul [ Returned to me. ], Frumpy [ Halfy Owned ]

Also in my Bio.
WDYM half, I am the sole owner of Frumpys soul
Messages exist.
So do forum posts, if you claim a soul, you are supposed to mark it on the forum
Who said that was a rule? We just all feel obligated to post on that thread. But nobody's forcing us.
red said:
if you claimed a soul in personal msgs, make sure that you write it down here too so it doesn't get mixed up

From the main thread
I'm claiming Titanlord273.
Wrong forum again
Would it be better if everyone had their own git repository to list their souls? It's a lot easier to track changes that way.
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