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Now Hiring Teachers!

You can get multiple teaching jobs

Available Spots:
Substitute Teacher:
Other (make a post requesting another subject)

Available Jobs That Aren’t Teachers
Vice Principal:
Media Specialist:

ELA/English: PoikiChoi (formerly Grammar Nazi, but he got fired) lol they’re dead
Orchestra: depressed guy
Band: e-bag
History: W_Licky
Science: adsfjlk;
Coding: BroncoBoy18
Foreign Languages: Iateap0tat0
Math: Kylljoy
Computers: BroncoBoy18
German: itsunfair
Workshop: dementedkermit
Government: delbeto
Geography: W_Licky

Not Teachers
Principal: PoikiChoi
Interim Principal: HydroManiac
Vice Principal: W_Licky
Counselor: dumbkeara
Librarian: Tofuhound
Janitor: stripes
Cook: Cinnamon_Toast
IT: Probot

idk, give me ideas. Licky wanted me to be his English teacher. This is just me fucking around because I’m bored
Fuck it, I'll be an orchestra teacher
I hope you do better than the first one :)
Band teacher here.

Incredible, now we just need the actual teachers.
I'll be History teacher.
Ayo, this school aint got a choir?
Or theater, if you're into that.
i suppose i could be the science teacher. why not. lets electrocute a dead frog.
I'll be a coding teacher
I'll be a foreign language teacher. I'm not good enough at coding nor math to really teach and there's better candidates for that.
I could do Math/CS, I suppose. Provided they're only up to high-school level, of course. I nominate Mathy for the Stat/Math department chair.
PoikiChoi said:
I hope you do better than the first one :)
What happened to him?
It was not his forte

I'll see myself out
What happened to him?
You don’t need to know :)

"I am scared"-Poiki, over on TPoL's Discord
None of you guys need to know what happened to the teachers you replace :)
And were you replaced?
I AM the English teacher

We all know what happened to the old one

I didn't do it.
PoikiChoi said:
Vice Principle:

I don't know if Poiki is a good English teacher.
W_Licky said:
PoikiChoi said:
Vice Principle:

I don't know if Poiki is a good English teacher.

it's an easy enough mistake to make. I've mad it myself quite a few times.
can i be counselor?
im obviously fit for the job
Can I also teach Computers?
Who gave me this paper? I don't teach... "Environmental Science."

This is one heck of a history project. Oh no. No name. Sigh.
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