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if no one takes it, just eat it
You don't know WHERE that paper's been.
W_Licky said:
Who gave me this paper? I don't teach... "Environmental Science."

oh, that's mine. this appears to be a paper on how to speed up global warming, perfect.
W_Licky said:
You don't know WHERE that paper's been.
don’t be a pussy
i'll eat it
I would promote you but I’m only some lowly English teacher
i promote you to senior english teacher
Is there a class for hobby modeling?
No but I’ll add it

I have no idea what you just said
is that a tumble weed or just a scribble?
I could be a German teacher... If anyone has need for that
Is this just going to be willy nilly teacher lounge talk? I like it.

I'll be librarian. Duh.
Ok. I do need like a hundred or so textbooks titled...

what does this say?

ah yes

"Empire of Rome and Egypt: SexuaI Affairs"
but those things cost like...
200 dollars
Double post
poiki that's illegal
I’m a teacher, I can do anything
That's true.
So am i
there’s this kid in my class that I really hate
doesn't mean it's not illegal. i'm calling the police, they're gonna come take away the carcasses i borrowed. hide.
Welp, at least i know its not me
Oh so that’s where Michael went

I thought that little shit was skipping class
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