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souls are boring children is where its at
i claim every fetus
thats unfair
One needs permission from the parent or potential parent (ie future first born child) to claim one of these.
bruh moment
idk how this works
you know how the claimed souls works?
so its just like regular soul claiming just with permission now?
got it
i dont exist
its like souls just a long term investment and i made up my mind that you need permission
I claim all men semen.
You have to seduce the man to get the semen. Classic incubus/succubus rules.
No, I just take it from them, I am male.
Who says there can't be a male succubus?

Edit: Incubus, my bad.
How would you being male change anything? Still have to seduce it out of them.
I do not. I am a god. I take what I will.
Male succubus is an Incubus
Incubus is also a band.
Also yes.
I love how this thread got made and then not one single person used it for it's actual purpose lol
It is awesome
I am taking sertraline’s first born child
i claimed w_licky's first born child
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