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Uhhh… this stuff below… ignore it. ALL.

Thank you to Kylljoy for making this. Below is the current stuff he said and blah blah blah.

I've made a TSaR (named "TaCT") and assigned it the role of mediating the currency exchange. It's currently hosted through TSaR-BOMBA, but if it works well, I'll separate it, put the program on a Pi, and forget about it.

I'm going to run it for the next couple hours so that people can get used to it (and try to break it) so I can fix up any unseen problems. If you want to try it out, please do the following:

The TSaR-TaCT (Twocans Search and Response - Treasury and Currency Tracker) System :
  • The currency of TaCT is 'bitcan'. Everyone starts with 300 bitcan.
  • TaCT is on a main loop of 5 seconds. If your response has not come within 10 seconds, assume that somebody broke something and the program has crashed. IF THE RESPONSE DOES NOT COME, DO NOT SEND A DUPLICATE REQUEST
  • Begin by opening your account. Create a new message thread to the user 'tsarbomba'. Name the title of the conversation anything you want.
  • In the conversation, send a new message : OPEN <Username>. The username can be anything you want, just don't use spaces or special characters. This is the way people send you bitcan, so make sure you remember it and that other people know it. Usernames are unique, no two people are allowed to have the same username. CASE MATTERS.
  • Check the account has registered properly. In the same conversation, send a message reading BANK. The TSaR should respond with your current balance.

Kylljoy said:

TaCT v2 is live
Async calls should prevent it from stalling if a request fails to resolve. Ignore the fact that the entire codebase has been rewritten.

New commands in this version are 'LOAN', 'DEBT', and 'SETTLE'.
  • LOAN <AMOUNT> - Allows you to borrow between 5 and 1000 bitcan from the bank. You will incur a debt of 120% of what you borrow. Debt can either be settled using the "SETTLE" command, or the bank will automatically skim 50% of all incoming transactions until your debt is settled
  • DEBT - Displays your current debt to the bank
  • SETTLE - Pays off as much of your debt as currently possible

I'll leave it running for the next few hours while I'm out doing errands.

  • Only one account is available per TCaS account.
  • If the program does not respond after 10 seconds, double-check that you didn't misspell or misformat the command
  • Have fun, don't crash my computer.

Kylljoy said:
I think I will be able to squeeze in another 2-3 hour test tomorrow afternoon before I leave for LA. Hopefully this should be the last touch-and-go beta test and I'll be able to speed up development after this (the TSaR platform is looking more stable now, so it should be much easier to tack on additional functions).

TSaR-TaCT Version 2.1

New features in the TSaR Library:
  • TSaR now has support for storing user data in packets send through the parser. The system can now view certain user stats like post count
  • TSaR now has dummy functions for backing up and loading data
  • Stability fixes

New features in TSaR-TaCT:
  • The treasury and bank are now backed up automatically once every five minutes
  • The treasury and bank are now restored upon the program's launch
  • All users with opened bank accounts are notified when TaCT is launched
  • A user must have a minimum of 333 posts to open an account. This, and many other values (such as interest rates, skim rates, and starting account balance) are set in a master constants file and can be tweaked as necessary.
  • Stability fixes

New Commands for TSaR-TaCT:
  • Functions for the BOND and CASH commands have been programmed but not linked. Will likely be introduced in v2.2. For now, the system does not recognize these commands as valid
  • Bonds work similarly to bearer bonds. A user may load value into them and set a password. Any user with both the routing number and password may then cash the bond into their account, regardless if they were the ones to set up the bond. Useful for setting rewards for arcade games or forum games. (Example : "There is a 500 bitcan bond with routing number 12345. TheSpasswordtisethisvcharacter'sefirst name"). If the routing number or password are lost, the bond will be forever locked and the money lost
  • BOND <PASSWORD> <VALUE> will create a bond with a 5-10 character password and a given value deducted from the user's account and inserts it into a bond. The creation command returns a 5-digit routing number used to cash the bond.
  • CASH <NUMBER> <PASSWORD> will cash the bond with the corresponding routing number and password into that user's account.</quote>

WARNING: I probably barely update this so make a post with any questions if you run into problems.
what does bomba stand for
Badly Orchestrated Main Bot Account. If this test of the TSaR system works, it'll be a bot you can message to make conversations easier. Things like posting permissions, dynamic group chats, removing people from group chats. A hacky way of doing things that Blake never implemented.
It's so nice.
Did Blake help you with this?
It's not like Kyle and Blake know each other irl. Do they?
Did Blake help you with this?

He gave me the arguments for the API calls (which are basically the same calls TCaS III will use), but I did most of the infrastructure myself.
I'm proud of you, Kyle.
It's not fully functional yet so everything that happens beforehand will be reset.

And... it's crashed.

I have 0 bitcan?
Crashed again.

Had to post on alt because I don't feel like quadruple posting.
Yeah, there's an AT&T outage where I am. (This is from my phone).

I'll work on the program tonight and we'll do the beta tomorrow.
An AT&T outage just when this is going on? What a coincidence.
Convenient that the one night you try this your internet is out.
I'll mark it as temporarily unavaible.
Pluto Sad said:
An AT&T outage just when this is going on? What a coincidence.

When I disabled the program, my wifi went straight back up. This might be problematic. I think I need to look into limiting the amount of packets that I'm using, otherwise it seems to clog my router.

Like I said, this is a beta. It's still incredibly buggy because this is based on an API that people are technically not supposed to be using.
I hope it gets fixed soon.
How's the bank?
Workin' on it. I have to rewrite all the calls to work asynchronously instead of synchronously, which should help make sure that the system doesn't crash if it loses its wifi connection. That's going to take a bit of time, and I'm also in the middle of all my finals right now, plus AP testing, graduation, and other senior things.

So it'll probably be a few weeks until the next test.
Side note- what language is the TSaR library written for?
Crayon (transpilation is very useful), but I'm unsure if I want to publicly release it. The possibility of spam bots is very high, I might just send it to a few people who might want to work with it
There's this Banker guy who wants to be banker.
I've been summoned?
I guess
I'm still down to manually keep track of transactions, just want to find out if spreadsheets are transferable to code if ever needed.
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