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Instead of making an entirely new pfp for me to use, you will make a new variation of my classic CAR pfp that I stopped using after Poikichoi made me my current DatBoi pfp. Just ask me to send it to you if you are interested.

I think that I'll use it for 2 days, NOT counting friday-sunday because I'm usually not active on those days. So if your turn starts on thursday, I will use it on thursday and monday.
Ok, lets see this
K, I sent it to you
I probably won't be using it today since I'm about to go home so I won't be on till monday.
Dámelo. This is my thing.
Here it is

lol, ok I'll use it on monday

I sent you the car Coldfrost
A new thread for this, really?
Everyone wants their own, sooo....

I'm not gonna make one because I will never be able to keep up and I know I will get ones I hate.
There's already a motherfucking thread specifically for avatars like wtf
let the child have their fun
No. Use the avatars thread.
fair enough. also how are you antimony
Guys. This is too many threads...
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