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Greetings and welcome, to ask that guy with the nail mask, not ripping of ask that guy with the glasses at all.

Anyways, just ask stuff. I'm kinda bored, life's generally going to hell, so I've got the time. Ask me anything, will answer as fast I can.
Why is your life going to Hell?
What makes you think you have something worthwhile to say?
He has 'OP' power. He is the law of the land.
Harok said:
Why is your life going to Hell?

Because I still kind of love my ex girlfriend, and we thought we should give it another try, not yet though. But today, she was thrown out by her mother. And I was supposed to move in with them, so I don't know what's gonna happen now. There is really a lot more to the story, but I want to keep it short.

@Antagonist, that depends on the question, and what you find interesting. But I'll do my best to come up with a good answer.
Why do you want to move out?
My parents are not that nice...
Do you have someone else to live with?
That would be her, but now, I don't know, the problem is, where I live, I'm sort of a decent guy, got lots of friends, but almost no close friends. Maybe 2-3 places I can stay, and then just for a short time.
But where she lives, I could spend my entire life if I wanted. And I got loads of really great friends who've helped me a lot! But there is only problem now... Everyone for some reason, turned their backs on my ex. So I took her side, so now I almost only got her left.
And now, when she's been thrown out, I don't really have any place to stay.
Tja! Var bor du? Vad gör dig glad? Om du skulle bli tvungen att utrota ett djur från jordens yta, vilket skulle det vara? Vad gör du (menat som jobbar du eller går du i skola, vilken årskurs/vilket yrke?)
Tjo, jag bor i Mora, i Dalarna. Att vara med folk jag tycker om, det finns inget bättre.
Ett djur jag skulle utrota... Hmm... Myggor skulle nog dö. Jag går första året i gymnasiet.
Vilken linje?
Teknik går jag, och till nästa år har jag sökt inriktningen design.
Tror ni bor nära varandra? Du kan också speack på amerikanska?
ENGLISH. Please.
Tror ni bor nära varandra? Du kan också speack på amerikanska?
Let me translate that for you, literally back to english.
Believe you live close each other? You can also [Not Swedish word I suspect was meant to be pratar] on American? I suspect google translate...
But, well, I don't think we live that close to each other. And I can speak English aswel.
I ask them to speak in American.

Edit: I meant to ask: Do you guys live close to each other? Also, can you speak in American.

Edit Edit: Google translate FTW!
Google Translate doesn't always work for me.
In what way doesn't it work?
It doesn't properly translate. It's close, but rarely perfect.
No, it's not that great, but generally helps. (:
How close is where you live now to where she lives now?
She lives 331 miles away. So not that close.
So about 500 km then? That's no problem, I can walk to you... Just give me a few days.
Yes, exactly. Well... I think that's gonna take a while actually... I'll start walking and meet you up!
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