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Okay who's prettier? im gonna discribe 2 girls
Just say girl 1 or 2.
GIRL 1: 4' 11'' , Colombian, bruttnet hair, blonde highlights in the back, red in the front, wears hollister and american eagle, skin color: white/ a bit tan, and wears flats, Nikes and Jordans, dark blue glasses, hazel eyes, and strait hair.
GIRL 2: 5 feet tall , Italian, dirty blonde hair, brown highlights in the front, wears hollister and A&F, skin color: white, wears uggs and flip flops, no glasses, brown eyes, and strait hair.
GIRL 1 OR 2 ? (btw im a girl, and im not lez)
I'm prettier.
that's hard but I like girl 1 better.
Idk. Tbh, I really can't picture girls in my mind just by hearing descriptions about them :/ I need to see pictures. Sorry I can't be much of a help here
I agree with Chickadee.

This should be moved to the Sandbox.
Not sure who's being introduced here, but welcome to anyone who may be new.

Also, Chickadee and SatelliteMind are both correct on the topic of prettyness.

Haha, no way this doesn't end up in Ol' Sandy.
Shudders at the original post in its entirety, dies a little inside

Please don't use text speak.
Called it!
Me too. ;)
I'll choose number 4!
Or letter D if this is a scantron.
I called it first.
Called what first?
That this would be moved to the sandbox.
Ah, yes you did. Congratulations. You've won.
Chickadee said:
I'm prettier.

I agree.
Gawd, I love this thread. ^_^
I love this.. nutella
Oh my god, I fucking LOVE nutella!
Ywkbme, that made me laugh so hard.

Also, I love Nutella, too. :3
Isn't there already a thread devoted to things we love?
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