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Time to discuss our various plans for the zombie apocalypse.
Me and my mum created ours together. After reading The Zombie Survival Guide. Twice.
I've been told that my brain's going to be one of the first to be eaten, because it would be mouth-level for a lot of them...
I guess being short does have downsides :/
I already live in the middle of no-where, will be easy enough to set up a good defense at the house I live in. Will need a lot of rations though... And a flamethrower... could probably make something that would do the trick.
I live near a cemetery... great I will have the first few waves, luckily we have a metalwork shop near by with plenty of bludgeoning implements.
Thankfully I live near a supermarket, a gun store, walmart, and a liquor store. So plan is take the suv, stock up on supply then camp out on top of a walmart, throwing Molotov cocktails and shooting those bastards for fun until I get rescued.
Plan: Hang out with Morning.
Well, if Charli is going to be there you can bet I'll be there.
Ugh. None of read the Guide did you? Fire is one of the worst weapons to use against them. Already dead bodies will not reanimate, so don't worry about cemetaries. Camping out on top of a supermarket isn't the best of ideas for the simple fact that everyone will be running there to escape the zombies, just like in all of the movies. Being in the middle of nowhere is one of the safest options. You need to have a compound that is uber protected. High stone walls with barbed wire at the top are optimal. There's no point in having electric wires because their nerve endings don't work. You need a water filtration system, and a smarll vegetable patch. A few animals is also opitmal.
I've read the guide, too. Nice book.

Also, I'd hitchhike away from where it's spreading, get my girl and move overseas.
I own the guide! And read it regularly!

Edit: Also, Who, you may still want to consider electric fences to keep wild animals (or angry humans, for that matter) from getting to their supplies/crops/animals and such. Zombies won't be the only thing you'll have to worry about in WWZ.
Though, you might want to read this.
Are we talking about Resident Evil/Left for Dead style zombies or more on the lines of 'shufflers'? Because I don't see why me being in an extremely low populated area with creatures that are about as fast as turtles would be a bad idea. The flamethrower would be strictly for entertainment purposes.
Am my love, the one thing that article doesn't take into consideration is the fact that unless you take out the infected part of the head, the zombie doesn't die. They don't have nerve endings so they don't feel anything. They also don't need oxygen, so water is nothing to them.

Verum: I understand that it would be boatloads of fun, but you also have to take into consideration that once you set it on fire, it's just a burning corspe. They will continue to burn until the fire takes out the infected area.
We set large fires around my house all the time, mainly large piles of weeds and such (I'm pretty much in a forest). I would be able to keep the fire under control, or course the main problem would be that it would be walking around... well a deer slug in the head afterwords should stop that right?
Yes, it would continue to walk around. But a slug to the head...or at least were the frontal lobe would be found in a normal human being...would do the trick.
If it is an infected portion of brain that causes it, wouldn't electric fences be ideal? The body would be moist enough to act as a conduit for the electrictal current to get into the brain and fry the infected bit.
I'd just like to say that high-voltage electric fences will work regardless of the zombies having no nerve endings. Should the zombies grasp onto the wires - nay, even so much as brush them - the current shall travel throughout their body, causing extensive internal burns and organ damage. Should the zombies brush the wires with their heads, they should almost certainly succumb, the brain being in the path of the electricity as well as the second-most-delicate-organ when it comes to electrical currents.
Don't be surprised to see me huddled within a great dome of electric fencing.
It has to be a very high voltage to do the damnage. You can put them up, but you have to have your own generator hooked up to them, since it's not like the electrical plants will still be running after a few months into the epidemic. It's impossible to judge how long the epidemic will ensue, therefore, you can't just put them up thinking that they'll keep you safe forever.
Personally, I prefer the more modern "fast zombies"(i.e.- Zombieland, 28 Days Later) to the classic "slow zombies." They may not technically be zombies, but I find the idea of a living, flesh craving lunatic more realistic than a dead and rotting human corpse that wants to devour live human brains.
Ninj, as much fun as the new zombies are, they're more cannabalistic than they are zombies. The whole point of zombies is the wanting to eat brains. When you take that away, you take away the zombie's identity. It'd be like calling something a demon, but saying it doesn't possess anyone.
Who, you make it sound as if brain eating zombies are the original and most true form of a zombie. You should remember that zombies were originally of voodoo origin and that they didn't eat brains at all. So really the brain eating has little to do with their true identity.
Just to add something to the electric fence debate:
Regardless of whether it would or would not work on zombies, electrical fences aren't a good idea, as electricity will be one of the most sought-after ressources after food and water. You will probably have to rely solely on car batteries, solar panels or that revolutionary free-energy-generator those italian guys have constructed (in case of the latter, you deserve to have your brain eaten by zombies), because most power plants won't be at work for obvious reasons.
Thank you rnk. And Ninj, I did not mean to make it seem like I was saying that the brain eating ones were the only ones. But, for the zombies in question, they will be trying to eat you.
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