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As would the Zombieland version zombies.
Yes, but zombies don't have the muscle capacity to run. Their muscles have been incredibly damaged by the infection. It would also take time for them to figure out how to climb fences and such. They don't just have that ability.
I think I'm missing your point. All I'm saying is that their are multiple versions of zombies. What are you trying to say?
My point is that zombies still have to relearn things. They don't just remember how to run, jump, climb fences, so on and so forth. I know that Hollywood and the game industry are making all new types of zombies, but they're missing the whole point of zombies.
Can I point out that zombies are fictitious and the writer of the movie/game/book can have the zombies act in whatever way they please. There is no one definite source that says "this is how a zombie should act."
Joe, I will kick you in the shins.
As long as it travels in large groups, is unintelligent and hungry for human flesh. Then it's a zombie in my eyes.
My plans; going to jersey.
Fizh, according to Joe's theory, that's where all the zombies will be. With incredibly fake tans.
I'm afraid. I think Who is a good person to follow in case of a Zombie Apocalypse.
I'd protect you, Charli. ;)

I agree with you, joetom.
I think I have a better chance. :)
Char, you can come to my compound.
^ Wink wink.
Just for that, you're not invited.
Awh. :/
I agree. That was really creepy. I don't want a creeper living with me when the zombie outbreak occurs.
I wouldn't want to be near a Creeper either. Damn things will ruin your house.
As an interesting aside, there is a "Zombie Apocalypse" roleplay game that goes on every weekend in a housing development near where I live at midnight. People wear head-bands to denote zombification or human-ness. I haven't gone yet, but me and one of my friends are going to soon! They use nerf guns to shoot the zombies :D
^ Awesome. I'm honestly jealous.

@Who and Charli: Well, I thought it was kind of funny...
Everyone knows the creepers are the easiest to infect. Sorry.
I am not a creeper.
Well, it's Whovi's compound, if she says you're not a creeper, then you can stay.
If you were a Creeper you would have exploded by now.
^ True.
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