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@Who, I am aware of this fact, I am on a mission from god.
@Fizh: I love you. You're amazing.
@Ninj: I guess you can come along. But I will feed you to the zombies if you get creepy again.

I've heard about zombie role playing before. I had a friend who was really into it. He used to do it all of the time.
@Rain: We have that in our town too, a few times a year around the college campus. They run around with nerf guns and socks filled with stuffing. I'm not sure if you have to be a student of the college to attend, though.
Ninj, no being creepy. >.<

Wait! Whovi, if we kept him and trained him, we'd have a creepy guard dog!
True. Okay we can train him. But if he tries to attack the animals I'm going to take him outside.
He knows better. I think we should get him a nice big kennel though.
Excuse me? I am not a dog.
Fine. Guard human.
Fair enough. Just give me a gun.
You'll get the tiny one from Men in Black.
^ I approve.
^ As do I.
The cricket gun was always my favourite.
Mine too, but can I also have a shotgun and a couple of handguns? I'd like to be able to have a couple of guns on hand that don't blow me backward thirty feet every time I shoot them...
I have never shot a gun. 😳
I have, but not extensively.
I've shot a very low caliber gun. I'm actually a decent shot too. I was one of the only people to get all the shots on the target. I even got a bullseye, although it was pure luck.
I shot skeet with my dad once and hit nearly every one of my targets. I would say that I'm a fairly decent shot.
Guns are fun
No. You can't.

I've shot a tree with a 44 magnum revolver.
The most powerful handgun in the world that can shoot a punks head clean off?
Why not?
Joe: Mowr? <-My confused noise...

Ninj: Because I know what happens when boys get guns.
What happens?

He was quoting Dirty Harry, Who.
Do you feel lucky?
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