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I'm glad you know. :) you sir are well-prepared.
Time in the army and an interest in useless skills.
That can do it. My and several friends' families are prepared. Our parents have a variety of skills all necessary for a community to begin. Medics, engineers, army, etc etc. We plan to secure a small town, and protect it, taking in those we deem trustworthy and useful.
I will just let my zombie overlords do what they will with me.
This is a hella old thread but I'd like to add that with no one supervising them, all nuclear reactors will eventually have a meltdown and have a decent blast radius. There are tons of nuclear missile silos in the US, so a useful thing to have is a map of the location of every silo in your vicinity, and the approximate values for not only the blast radius, but also the radius of effect of nuclear radiation. there's a very useful website where you can have a simulation of such a blast and get the data on where the safest areas are.
Reactors that melt down do not explode.
oh whoops okay
but the radioactive fallout thing is still an issue
so ima consider it relevant
considering everyone in the vicinity would get radiation poisoning and die
I mean not as dire as zombies, but still disturbing
I'll just hide under a trampoline made of Graphene
If a zombie biting you turns you into a zombie... then if I bite them, they'll turn back into humans!

This plan is foolproof!
yes best plan ever, cant wait to tryy it put
Steal a small yacht and live on the Great Lakes, raiding lakeside towns periodically.
Depend on where you are when it starts, and how it is transmitted. What assumptions are we working under?
I'm just gonna play the odds and be dead.
of of of of
Soul ostensibly claimed.

Also, what do you guys think about sams club as an apocalypse shelter, concrete walls, defendable access points, and enough non-perishable food to keep around ten people fed for atleast 3 years?
I watched a Film Theory vid about where the best place to survive the zombie apocalypse is. He took into account the nature of the disease, the climate, how well you can grow food, and population density.

The answer is Norfolk, Canada.
Wouldn't the best place to hide be somewhere really hot and humid, with abundant food, like the Amazon rainforest? Correct me if I am wrong, but don't dead bodies rot really fast in hot temperatures?
And zombies being reanimated dead bodies would probably die fast.
Dibs on your soul

The optimal solution is to use Vermin Supreme's method of using zombies to power wind turbines.
The issue is then, that you have to survive in the Amazon Rainforest, which is a very hostile environment.
Step one: get a houseboat.

Seriously, have you ever seen these things? None of them can go in water. The sources all agree.
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