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For obvious reasons...
Pikachu in ash\'s hat.jpg
How did he get my hat?
Don't make pointless threads.
lol sorry :3
One of my favorite Pokemon! Although I evolved mine into a Raichu in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon! Not sure if that was a good idea, but eh.
Fuck you.
and when you do, you get a fat one XD
I spent a good 20 minutes searching through Caterpie and Weedle trying to find one Ÿ_Ÿ

I got lucky and he popped up. I was like "fuck yeah, Pikachu!" He quickly became one of my main team members. Although, I did make him evolve into Raichu.
Fuck you.
pikapi.jpg Hurrhurrhurr X3 Pikachu is too iconic.
With all these people practicing necromancy, I decided to perform a revival.
Sorry, mods.
(I wonder why Pikachu always jumps up to use Thunderbolt...)
Apparently my last name is Pikachu.
I'm ragin'.
We created a thread dedicated to Nips!
beary605 said:

This is so true.
Or, y'know, standing up straight...
Ohmigawd, Pikachu is a beautiful, independent creature who looked perfect just as he was before he succumbed to patriarchal beauty standards. Ugh.
A similar evolution happened to Garfield too, back when Jim Davis was still funny.
All Ash feeds his damn pokemon are berries once in a blue moon. Only to get them to perform in his stupid pet shows. Death to Ash.
Fack you Team Plasma.
All you feed me is puffins.

Hearts said:
All Ash feeds his damn pokemon are berries once in a blue moon.
Those berries are essentially lembas bread, only they last longer. The Pokemon are totally fine.
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