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There's a thread for that.
This thought brought to you by the letter D, for Don't kill kittens.
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cats big app
The trinity is like a clover according to a particular saint associated with the color green and beer. One stem, three leaves.

If that's true, and sometimes a clover can have 4 or more leaves, what does that say about god?

This has been a random thought sponsored by Pyro.

These have been random thoughts sponsored by Vines and umbreon
What’s up potassium?
Not much, krypton.
I can't stop listening to "Somebody That I Used To Know".
I want mangoes right now.
I need to pee. But this site is addicting.
When you blow a bubble, you are really just separating space into space that is inside the bubble and space that is not. But which is which? Is the air that you blew into the bubble wand inside the bubble, or is everything else? When you blow a bubble, are you trapping the whole universe in it?

This is a random thought, brought to you by evergreen
The bubble is the universe in its own right. Our entire universe is just one big bubble. You are just creating a new universe every time you blow a bubble, and destroying it every time you pop the bubble. Popping it is the Armageddon that the bubble-people were warned by by the bubble-mayans, but they ignored it, and now they have not made peace with themselves, and will pop out of existence. DON'T POP THE BUBBLE. HAIL THE BUBBLE, WE ARE INFERIOR TO YOU, BUBBLE, AND ONLY WISH TO DO YOUR WILL.
Your air goes into the bubble, because you blow into it, filling an expanding film of soap solution until it is too heavy to stay attached to the wand, so it connects, forming a sphere of soap solution filled with your carbon dioxide.

This has been a not-so-random thought brought to you by prior knowledge, experience, and my conscience.
This thread was made on my 18 bday lol
how does anyone manage to shoot Ash? Her head is so small!
Ash is a 10 year old male
Ash is a tree, and the remains of a tree.
Ash is a type of tree as well.
Isn't that what I just said?
Fraxinus is the genus for ash trees, if any of you were wondering.

Biological viruses are pathogens that trick the cell into creating more viruses, destroying the cell and damaging tissue in the process.
Computer viruses are pieces of malware that trick the computer into harming itself or the user's security, often sending copies of the virus to other computers.
Could any behavior a person begins doing willingly but affects them negatively be considered a virus?
Cats only make noise when they need something. It is a trait learned by being with humans. If they need out they meow. If they need food they meow. If they need left alone they hiss. Etc.
It's easier to stay up until 6 AM than it is to wake up at 6 AM
Easier to accomplish, but the follow-through is harder.
Ah, Wednesday, when the day is short and so is my shirt.


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