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I remember this thread from way back in TC1, and it was always kinda fun. Also, for the record of most people online at one time.

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Record set at 14 for TwoCans2

EDIT: Boxed? Alrighty, nothing wrong with that.

Editedit: Record is set at 30!
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16, toped already.
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Woot! 3!
I remember one time about two weeks ago there were 30 odd people online, and I took a screenshot, but I think it's on my laptop and not the home computer... when I find it. It shall be posted.

Anyways, Hunterr, LadyGrinningStardust, shiloh, SuperJesus2.0.
Double posting but I want people to see this. Mods may edit.


30 people. Whatnow. 9/25/11 Gregorian because I don't really feel like figuring out the O'Harean time.
Hey, I see my name!
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Users on the forum: Isaac, plutian

Just you and me...
Users on the forum: 2, SuperJesus2.0

I find it funny that only 2 of us are on the forum and not only is 2, 2's username but that we both have 2 in our usernames
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Hells Yeah! 8! Aaand I got Blake! :)
I feel special when my name is mentioned here.

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...6. Meh. Could try harder.
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10--better already. :)
I was wondering why this was never remade.
Because it's pointless.
A point can be made
from that
with no
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I'll edit if more come on.
I seem to be on a lot of people's listings, even when I'm not on. Guess it might have to do something with my Ipod always having twocans open
Don't you get bored, Vorp? You never have conversations.
I dont really
believe in boredom
how can one fall
into a fit
of nothingness
that provokes
empty thoughts
a hollow mind
and an agitated soul
when there's so much to learn
to read
to breathe
and so many ways
to feel pain
and cry
and die

no, I feel no boredom speaking to myself
Vorp, I love your talking to yourself thread posts and your adorable avi. (I love cats, I have three)

Will you be my best friend? ^-^
friends I have few--
and you really havent a clue
who I am
or what I do
and we could be friends for a moment
and the next I'll be cursing at you
and saying fuck you

so let us be
charming acquaintances
until we can swallow
and search
those waters
and oceans
of friendship
that may one day
be me and you
Bah. I'm going to like you in spite of myself.
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