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All in a day's work.

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adsfjlk;, Tinfoil Hatter
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I am in fact alive.
For once.
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Well isn't that something. I wonder what I was doing that day.
adsfjlk;, #vampireflutist, Wyyca21
Titanlord237, #vampireflutist
yo, i was tagged?!


I’m so alone,
Nothing feels like home.
I’m so alone,
Tryna find my way back home to you.
adsfjlk;, aprzn123, Wyyca21
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adsfjlk;, deuceswild420
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Don't have my bookmarklet on this computer but had to capture the moment.
aprzn123, E7, missingsock#3, #vampireflutist, Wyyca21

is missingsock#3 claimed yet? If not, I call dibs
Sorry, I got them back in January.
Yeah, just saw that
adsfjlk;, s p a c e, Wyyca21
aprzn123, DIAV
adsfjlk;, aprzn123
adsfjlk;, DIAV, Wyyca21
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antimony pentafluoride, aprzn123, ちょたの_chotano, SamBugBrown
matcha, SamBugBrown
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