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I think I left something behind on you.

My Back
Good show, mate. Jolly good.
Yikes. How did that happen?
Ripstik + big hill + big speed + bump in the road.
Sounds gnarly...and painful.
It smarts right now. I'm sure it'll be kickin' in the morning.
Ouches that's not pretty >.< what speed were you doing??
I have no idea how fast it was, but it was fast enough where I couldn't hop off the Ripstik without slamming into the ground.
I've done that before. Though, on a skateboard, and most of the damage was on my head. (first of two concussions) Those were the only differences. I think I was going like, 20 something. You were probably going something like that or higher to get that kind of burn.
My friend Skippy tore himself up going down a hill on a longboard. When he got to the bottom, the board twisted and he hit the road spinning. It tore his back, shoulder and elbow to shreds. I had to take him too the ER.
Wouldn't this fit in here?
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