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Nobody expects the return of the Isaac Inquisition. Did you?
(AKA The first question of the day)
I expected it wholeheartedly.
For those of us who don't know what it is (including myself) care to explain?
I think you should take a look at this for the original thread and that for the reference that NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition. Er, The Isaac Inquisition.
I am afraid to say it was quite expected. :P
I didn't expect it, per se, but I hoped really hard.
Well, flubber. I almost forgot about this. Firstly, I'd like to know if anyone wants to have a mass gathering on Mario Kart. Secondly, on a more serious note, have you ever truly wanted to see someone suffer?

Yeesh, those are vastly different. You might just get the bends traveling from one question to the other.
There is only two people I have ever honestly wanted to see suffer. I suffer every day because of one of them and I have to see him every day. The other hurt someone close to me in a very bad way.
There are a couple of people I would love to watch suffer.
That's perfectly natural. Should be very much frowned upon in educated society as a bestial impulse, but it's natural.
I'd rather watch them suffer through pain I inflicted, but if someone else wants to tie them down, smother them with honey and release bees and fire ants onto their naked body, saves me on materials.
The bees wouldn't really harm the person in honey and the fire ants might bite them some. Human tissue doesn't have that much utility compared to a shit ton of honey.
The honey is only in the mouth and nose. Smother, not slather.
That is so very unoriginal.
Smother doesn't imply that honey isn't on other parts of the body.
Smother: to prevent from breathing, to suffocate.

Never, did it need to be? I can't post my other plot, no one would understand it but the one person whose nightmare it is.
And we all know you hate leaving people out, keeping them from understand. :)
If anyone has a question about something I post, they are welcome to message me and ask me about it.

I'm actually more worried about the person it's meant for seeing it.
...You want to make them suffer, but you're afraid to let them see? I really don't understand.
Why warn them? I don't even think they know how much I hate them.
Why not? Why keep it from them? If you care enough to invest such strong emotion in them, why not tell them? Why bother keeping them in the dark?
It's more fun this way.
You can keep a person from breathing if they are in an ocean size vat of honey! Assuming that we were all supposed to get that it was only in the mouth and nose is idiotic.
According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, one definition of smother is "to cover thickly : blanket <snow smothered the trails>"
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