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Keep track of the events that occur.

Day 1 of the Apocalypse- Entry One: My tummy is rumbling.
Mine isn't. But there's a bad storm and i can't sleep and my eye is twitching... And my hermit crabs keep chirping at me lol
No. Stop it. What are you doing. We've all known for a long time the Mayans didn't predict a Doomsday.

Edit: Why even joke about it. Why am I so grouchy.

Damnit. Log 1 of the apocalypse: There is a foot and a half of snow everywhere and I think its going to break my roof before I can shovel it.
I'm hungry.
Waiting for some time to pass so I can go downstairs and play Minecraft.
Going to sleep-- my intent is to sleep through the Apocalpyse and wake up in the new world era whatever
i hear a weird sound, kind of like a roar.
Me 2... Or a low distant rumble.

would you happen to live in long beach?
Nope, middle of NC. I also turned out the lights and there's the occasional eerie light. O.O it's like distant thunder that isn't stopping...

dammit, now i realize it was a helicopter.
Lol great. Noise hasn't stopped on my end. Maybe my neighbors are partying...
Guys. You silly dogs. Shhh.
Yep. There's a party. It's the sound of the annoyingly loud base. Again guys? Really? And i wasn't invited?
Yes, excellent addition to the coversation, if i do say so myself. Thank you for that. :P
Well, if we're going to make immature jokes about something stupid, we may as well listen to some good end of the world tunes.
No 99 red baloons? I'm dissapointed.
Its all about All Time Low.
I know, but i was saying for end of the world songs, we need some red baloons. Dang it, why didn't i make an end of the world playlist???
Because it would be pointless? That's probably why. I'm listening to Cat Stevens now, I had my fun.
Still good to be prepared. Hmmm... I should also make a "fighting aliens" playlist and "running from zombies" one, just in case. Need that little boost only well chosen music can give you XD
Day one of the apocalypse. I'm at school.
Edit: school internet.
I'm watching Dumbo with a friend. The last movie we'll ever watch will be Dumbo.

[Edit: She keeps falling asleep. :<]
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