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somebody has started a new war pick you sides me on the girls leader side and ready to go! and you decide your side your fate make sure you do tell your side.
Is non-human extraterritorial a side? I choose you, pikachu!! I mean, I choose that side.
no no its not......
You doubled posted a thread.


whatever i have a war to get to.
Why hobbies anyways?
Is it your hobby to start wars?
No i figure other people just do it for play but i mean what i mean i will be the girls sides princess of evil.
I'm not sure how you are supposed to win this game. Or even how to play.
Fine if thats it then thread shall be closed soon.can somebody close this please?
For some reason I can't quite place, this thread is hysterical.
how do i delete this thread!
Is that a question! Sounds like an exclamation? I think you have your punctuation mixed up,
wat is this i dont even
SPiEkY said:
wat is this i dont even
Okay so how do i lock this?
Considering you can't delete posts, I'm not sure you can. Might just have to let it die.
It's no big deal. It'll die soon
Not if I constantly bump it!!!



Nope. Just don't respond. This will be the last post if you guys can refrain from responding :P.

Don't what now?
Soon to be box'd I'm sure. Haha. I want lemonade.
Okay good.
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