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HAPPY TUESDAY! how is everyone's day? My day is going great, I got doughnuts at work, an extended break, my dad is going back to Idaho next week, my mom went back to North Dakota, working payline with the rest of student coucil serving food, getting my phone card tomomorrow, and I get paid tomorrow and Donald is moving to Califorina for a few months yay! and I am student body president yay! :D happy Tuesday and have a great weekened!
Student body president? That's pretty cool. It's 1 pm and my day has only been two hours long. Right now I'm making kimchi with my brother.
Sounds yummy!
It's good Wednesday. It's good because I don't have work. Nice to hear you get to be with Dolan again.
To me, Tuesdays are no big deal. I get about... 52 of them in a year..
I still believe Thursdays to be the shit. YOU CANNOT CONVERT ME, FIENDS!
Orange juice tastes best on Thursdays.
I sincerely dislike Thursdays.
Everything tastes better on Saturday.
Saturday is my busiest work day. I hate Saturday. And Sunday.
I like Wednesdays. And as much as people may hate them, I like Mondays too.
This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.
They have a knack of feeling like they should be Friday and then it always sucks when you realize they're not.
Has it really been 181 days since this thread had been contributed to originally? It seems like nothing more than a couple of months ago. How has time gone by so quickly!?
Don't Panic! Friday's tomorrow, I'm pretty sure. Unless if you cross the date line. Then who knows.
This must have been the first Friday in the history of all Fridays that I did not await frantically. Because the beautiful and exuberant Saturday comes after Friday, and after that one, old man Sunday takes the place, and right after that Monday barges in, and dear God am I terrified...
Inigo said:
This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.

Neither could I, Arthur, neither could I.
It's tuesday! woot! ...Why can't I bet like the doctor and just always skip to saturday?
It's been a good Tuesday. And if things go according to plan, tomorrow will be even better.
Ariah, he doesn't intentionally skip any day but Sunday.
Happy Tuesday, everyone!
Wait... What?
So confused.
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