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I am feeling a touch of inspiration so I am reviving my Would You Rather? (Comedy Bang Bang Style!) thread, here in the sandbox! Let's see just how far we can take this.

There is the huge amount of explanation on the game rules and such on the first post in the link, but here is the layout:

1)I or someone I specify asks a "Would you rather..." question with 2 scenarios. One of the scenarios is the CORRECT scenario, and you need to investigate further to make the best bet possible.
2)You ask questions about the scenario, building your understanding and honing in on what your answer will be.
3)I will announce that the floor is closed, and no more question will be asked. You put forth your answer, and/or why you picked said scenario.
4)Based on your answers, and points I added throughout the round for whatever reasons I felt like, I will pick a winner.

I am starting this off straight away! Would you rather live in a house on the top of a redwood or on a man-made island in the middle of a vast ocean?
What materials is this man-made island made out of?
How tall is the redwood?
How old is the redwood?
Wet Bird: On the surface of the island where you are dropped off, it is composed of everything you would expect. Sand, dirt, water, grass, trees, various other kinds of flora, and stone. There are various other materials located on the island, however, including copper, iron, steel, glass, marble, plastic, uranium, plutonium, petroleum, gasoline, thermite, and various others.

H7^3: The redwood is 300 feet high, the structure you end up in is between the apex and 270 feet mark.

Fizzy: At least 1,500 years old.
What is the ocean made out of?
where is the man made island?
Fizzy: It takes some investigating, but it seems to be a very liquidy tapioca pudding. Definitely won't be going for a swim, at least not in the ocean.

Captain: 48 52' 36" S, 123 23' 36" W
how big is the island?
15 square miles, Captain.
Are there animals on the island?
Shouldn't this be in Games?

Treehouse ftw. Zombies don't climb trees. Well.
What kind of creatures live in proximity to the redwood house?
Is the ocean populated? With, like, I dunno, tapioca fish?
How vast is the ocean?
how healthy is the redwood?
Professional Dominant Joe: There are a variety of animals on the island. About 300 different species of bird(Including chicken), 10 species of snake, 150 different mammals (Including monkeys and cows), various insects and invertebrate necessary for plant growth and to serve as a food source for other species, a large, unknown variety of other species, and one fox.

Human Milk Dispensers: I don't think it should. Mainly because there are a few people I know would be interested in this thread but just don't want to go into games. I don't really want to go into games either, for that matter. So I put it here, in the sandbox. Also, I sort of don't really consider this a game, myself. As I use it as a writing challenge. What better way to stir up some inspiration by having other people throw some at you? It worked pretty well in the first one, so I thought I might give it a good revive in a place that would give it an even better life.


Also, minus 10 points for voting early, and you are unable to change your vote from here on end. You can still ask questions, if you like.

Wet Bird: Zombies, of course. It turns out that in this scenario, you are in the middle of a zombie apocalypses, as Human Milk Dispensers suggested. Hundreds and possibly thousands of human and various other animal species are zombiefied and out for blood.

Fizzy: Strangely enough, yes. There seem to be a number of tapioca flavored species found within the water. If you are lucky in your hunting, you may even find a shellfish that tastes like chocolate.

aaelss: Pretty sure those coordinates were somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, so pretty darn vast.

Captain: The redwood is very healthy.
Verum said:
...and one fox.
What does the fox say? I'm sorry, I had to. Someone please shoot me.
This particular fox says: "I hate Murdoc. You should too. Him and his damn green skin and pirate radio broadcasts. If I were you, I would find the damn plane he used to kidnap you and head right out of this shithole. Odin knows what he has planed for you."
Nigga you one sassy bitch
Are there any weapons in the house on the Redwood?
is the island contaminated with zombies?
Fizzy: There are plenty of weapons in the house. A whole armory, in fact. A regular zombie hunter's pad.

Captain: Luckily no, there is a whole different set of problems there.
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