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As newly styled Margrave of the TouchySubjects Marches, I open this court of lords to discuss our titles.

Edit: Official title: Lord Grayseff I, Duke of Touchy Subjects and Margrave of Introductions
Heh. This delights me, for whatever reason.
So, you said you wanted a title Meow? What peerage do you want it from? I'm attempting to look for Scandinavian and Dutch peerage systems as we speak.
Is Hungarian peerage an option?
Wait a second, don't we have to stay in one country, here? Or can we blend the different systems? Are they any different?
This is the interwebz. Global village and whatnot.
By Gray's Salty Beard, it sure is!

Part way down this page is a chart that converts the general titles to those of other countries. I quite like Választófejedelem.
Mine is Rani.
That's quite the mouthful. I dig.
Választófejedelem Meow

Has a nice ring to it, really flows off the tongue.
Woah. really obscure titles now.

I think I need a Lieutenant, perhaps a Viscount of TouchySubjects to help.
As much as it pains me to go mainstream, I think I might have to opt for something a little more...easily pronounced.

Am I worthy of helping you govern the Subjects of Touchiness, oh Gray?
Are we allowed to make Hydrogen the Grand Duke of Touchy Subjects? Because I think we should do that even if we aren't allowed to.
From wormwood:
By Gray's Salty Beard, it sure is!
And who are you to judge the saltiness of the beard Gray may or may not have? What is your title?
That seems adequate.

We also must bestow a title upon jaxxie in her absence. Archduchess of Question-Flagging, or something like that.

Edit: How shall we determine what level of power a user is worthy of in his or her title?
Magna Ducissa jaxxie. We should go Latin for that one.
Hey y'all may I have a title? I hate picking things out for myself...
Arch-Rector sounds better, not only a religious title, but one that means "a person who sets the rules and guidelines of the faith." Actual moderators should represent the first estate.
Fair enough. Arch-Rector jaxxie it is.
Does that come in any other languages? I feel like that doesn't sound quite right.
Ok. So the king represents the head of the peers (second estate) and the ecclesiarchy (first estate) and should be Blake. Mods should represent the first estate, because they set the rules, and then peerage can be dictated by the users.
Very well. I am unwilling to accept a lesser title than Earl or Count.
An Earl is a Count. Just an English Count.
Of that I am fully aware. That's why I noted both.
Hmm... mine means Queen. But I really like Rani, it's Indian and it's what my grandma calls me.
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