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Rani it is.
Heh. It would be entertaining to appoint titles based on "posting merit" for individual pieces of the Forum. Gray is the Margrave of Touchy Subjects. Meow could be Earl of General Discussion or something. Or whatever he and others think he holds the most "merit" in.
We'd need to title Watcher something similar, Count or Duke would be sufficient.
I suppose that would make me the Yeoman of Forum Games. I can't say I like the sound of that.
Ya'll give me whatever title you think I deserve. I'm just here for the sass.
I'm down for this. I'm really not sure in which subforum I hold the most posting merit, though. Probably General Discussion. Perhaps Music/Movies/TV/Books. I couldn't qualify for anything higher than a Baron in TS.

Wait, my avatar was the Baron from The Cat Returns for a very long time. It would be a fitting title. It's lowly, though. I would need to be Earl of something else were I to accept such a position :P
Meow, I think General Discussion fits you well. Earl of General Discussion. Sounds good to me.
Kylar said:
I suppose that would make me the Yeoman of Forum Games. I can't say I like the sound of that.

Yeomen are third estate fee holders (fiefs) but it does sound cool.

Peers can hold multiple titles, I can also be a baron of GD
What say we limit it to something like 2 titles on average, 3 titles max. That way it isn't too mixed together? What say the assembly?
Well, it's better than being an Indentured Servant of Forum Games.
Rani <3
I don't want a place though, I don't really fit into one of those. :p
Aye. Two titles is sufficient.
Very well. I submit to the assembly my titles, then.

Meowmix6, Earl of General Discussion, Baron of Music/Movies/TV/Books
Awww but ash.layyyyyyyyyyyyyy
you would totally be the best Rani of M/M/T/B with how much you like Sherlock and stuffs... :'(
Ash could definitely rule over The Sandbox with grace :P
Well... I am complete obsessed with TV shows....
But there's rarely any discussion there, it's just once in a blue moon! I think if I were to be put anywhere, it would be the Q&A. But that's usually on my other accounts (is that against the rules... whoops?)
Hm.. Sandbox seems cool too. I like funny pictures and videos.
I concur.

EDIT: With Meow. And for you, ash, it isn't so much the AMOUNT of posts but the QUALITY.
My posts aren't quality it's usually just me screaming or laughing at myself hahahahahah

Edit: I think Sandbox for me. It's crazy enough.
I didn't say exactly what quality they exhibited. :P
I shall title myself Lord Grayseff I. I shall style Gorgon as my Justicar and WP my Reeve.

Hydrojon would be Archbishop of Twocans for sure.

Edit: I forego GD for Introductions.

Lord Grayseff, Duke of Introductions and Margrave of Touchy Subjects.
I approve of everything in that post.
I restyled myself.
That has my approval.

If it is in my power, since Sami asked for a title, I find Baroness of General Discussion to be fitting for her. It would be under my authority to issue...
If you're gonna take over Intros you can't have people using your quotes.

EDIT: @Meow I approve.
You may take fee of whom it please you to do so.

Edit: I can and I will! I have many reeves and pages.
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