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I sometimes wonder if I've ever admitted very personal things to alt accounts.
i prolly have.

i don't have a title. Can I be Lord Buttocks
Gas Queen
I wanna be a Lord like Scott Disick
The viscount of distorted visage?
I already have the best title.
Lord Gas?
I'm gonna just be Lord Buttocks.
ash.layyy said:
(I actually almost posted this with my other Q&A account, that would have been both ironic and also a shitty shitty thing to do. A heart attack was very nearly avoided!)
Here the other day, when people started pulling out some alternative accounts to post on the forum with, I was super close to making a moddy post in the big, bold, mod-red text on an alternative account of mine. I'm quite glad that I didn't.
Works for me. I am J-God.
Jax, I always think it would be funny to do so, but I'm glad I never have. Also I remember when I accidentally posted with my alt account and people started going ooooOOOO WHO ARE YOU?!? and I quickly had you delete the post. That was hilarious.

And yeah, I've probably talked to a LOT of people from the Q&A lulz
I wanna be a Lord like Scott Disick
I once had a Lord Disick added on snapchat, but I don't know anything about this.
Scott Disick. Dated Kourtney Kardashian for ages, baby daddy to all her lil chilruns. He's fucking hilarious, dude should be a comedian.
Scot is awesome. Great suits, great drinker.
I'm changing my title.
Jest, First Lady of Twocans

I hear the arms come with the title.
better than Hillary's arms
I think I need a new title now...
Greedy. You already have a new title. It comes with a gold star.
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